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Dolce garbo

Have you ever just sat there, thinking and asking yourself an unusual question? A question that might relax you or give you some kind of nostalgia. Question like, what haven’t I eaten in a long time? Well, my dears, it happened to me today.
Even though I’ve been thinking a lot and thinking about the answer, I’ve come to it. Whether it was a stuffed pepper, a Zagreb steak or some fish dish, it didn’t matter when I remembered. Dolce garbo! I don’t know if there was this dish in your childhood, but the fact stands. If you had it when you were a kid, you should have been persuaded to eat it, maybe even for days. I know it was the same for me. I’m going to be happy to eat it today and even take it out again. It’s an extremely rewarding dish, which doesn’t need much attention, but gives a lot in return. All you need is a little lamb liver, capers, parsley, garlic and red wine. This dish provides so much flavor that it’s a shame, if you haven’t had it before, you don’t try it. And to emphasize this dish goes one step further if you add a bob. Dolce garbo is one dish that will take most dalmatians back in time and perhaps draw a few tears. This dish brings me back to my childhood in perhaps an unusual way. And that’s why I always say no to the first plate of this dish, so I talk myself into saying, “Come on, it’s just meat!”
And that’s why every time I get astonished and positively terrified of how perfect that dish really is. Every dish should be given a chance, and the lamb liver is in the right way especially. It may take you back to your childhood, maybe not, but I promise that from that moment you first tried it, you have a new memory!