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Pet friendly

All of us, at least once in our lives, had some material thing we loved. We all knew that this thing would not go on with us forever, but we were glad again. Just imagine that it was a being.

I must say right away that I am not comparing a pet to a material thing. Because there is no such comparison. All the people who have had a dog know this anguish until they teach him how to behave, because he still doesn’t understand, but again you are talking. Everyone who has ever had a cat knows that suffering when she leaves, and that wait until she returns. Of course every dog ​​knows the house rules, as does the cat and goldfish, so I don’t think I need to go into detail. Their owner is their greatest happiness and greatest love. Just like pets are their owner. Our pets understand our sadness or look forward to our happiness. They know when everything is going to plan or not. They want us to always be happy. They love us the most. That’s why when you travel, bring them too. Because their happiness and love is not felt only by the owner. She already shines and infects people. And that happiness cheers the stranger for at least a split second. Without them, the world would be black and white, not as colorful as the rainbow.

They cannot survive without us, they do not seek unconditional love, but they want only a little attention, because after all … They are just a part of our lives, and we are their whole life.