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Story of wine

There is a lot that people know about wines and even more that they do not know. The story of each wine begins the same. Every wine requires love, will and pleasure.

When it comes to the world of wine and ignorance about wines, do not worry, I do not offend you or your knowledge of wines. I, like everyone else, don’t know much about wines. Perfect wine knowledge is reserved only for winemakers and sommeliers. I, like most people, love wines and know a little about them that I picked up when working with them. What I have learned is that every wine has its soul and that every wine should be respected in its own way. It takes many years for perfection in the bottle to be achieved. I guess that’s why it’s been mentioned and so many times described in many mythologies and religions. What I can tell you about wine is my first experience of drinking that precious liquid. It wasn’t at a wedding or a birthday party. It was, I am not exaggerating, the moment of enlightenment. When I tasted that softness of taste and that tenderness. I compared it to the greatest act of human life, love. Of course, I must not tell you anything except that it was a blush. Since then, I have been drinking wines with pleasure, each time discovering new, better, stronger, weaker, one with more soul and one with more love. And so thank you to all the winemakers for this product.

I challenge you to try as much wine as possible throughout your life and drink in moderation. Life is still too short to drink bad drinks, and bad wine does not exist..