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Catering a’la Pašike at the Wedding Fair in traditional and modern spirit

Being present at the Wedding Fair is nothing new for our hotel and restaurant Pašike. http://hotelpasike.com/ We are happy to attend every year because it gives us pleasure and some kind of challenge.  We are pleased to meet our colleagues and their innovations. Also very satisfying to meet new young people before their wedding day every year, to talk to them and to help them choose the best catering for their special occasion.

Given our extensive culinary experience, food and table decoration, catering is our speciality. It means that we can offer carefully selected food and drinks at any time.  Serve them and decorate according to the latest culinary trends, not only in our restaurant but also in different locations according to the guest’s desire. In this way everyone  attending can enjoy not only the gourmet but also the visual experience.


Finger food with traditional flare

The basic feature of catering is finger food which does not need any cutleries, it is being eaten with the fingers and with maximal three bites. We prepare these snacks from local ingredients that are being used on a daily basis in our traditional, Dalmatian cuisine.

The specialities of our restaurant are based on the traditional cuisine: black risotto, bakalar na bijelo (dried cod paté), canapés with prosciutto, Adriatic prawns wrapped in home-made pancetta… These are all our well-known dishes, and we prepare them in a traditional way, but as modern finger food. It means that we adapt traditional foods to the modern age.

The Trogirska pašticada (stewed beef dish) has been refined for centuries and there is nothing we have to change. If we would change the flavours it would no longer be a pašticada. We can modernize it, adapt it to the present day in forms of serving and presentation, and if you are at least a little creative, you have a bunch of options.



The charms of Dalmatian culinary heritage at the Wedding Fair

It is a challenge for us in our kitchen, not only in terms of the gastronomic experience and decoration but also in terms of preserving our traditional and culinary heritage. The challenge for traditional food is to breathe new life in it and keep it from oblivion. It is about our recipes from Trogir. In addition to bakalar na bijelo and pašticada, there are also the traditional Trogirski škartoceti (stuffed beef steaks) and lamb chunks.

These dishes are known by older housewives, but due to the long cooking process in modern households, they are getting more and more forgotten. Each housewife has her own secret during preparation. So do we at our restaurant Pašike, but here lies the magic of preparation. We strive to nourish our old, Dalmatian dishes, to use indigenous ingredients in order to present Dalmatia to our guests in the best way possible. Not only its sun, sea and beautiful scenery but also the wealth of creativity of its people.


The Wedding Fair itself was a beautiful place to present our hotel, our restaurant, our cuisine and the traditional dishes that we create. We wanted to show our young visitors how the combination of traditional heritage and modern culinary trends can create an even greater wedding experience. So created, but also accepted, can be invaluable!

Our catering is certainly different from others in the way of preparation because after all, everyone has their own specificity. The taste and aroma of our catering carries all the charms of traditional culinary heritage, our sea, the sun and the whole of Dalmatia!

In the next blog, I will write how food is prepared by other, great kitchen chefs, but until then, I send you my love,

your Mare and her team from Pašike!