Heritage Hotel Pašike
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A romantic weekend in Trogir

Is there anything more exciting and romantic than two people who love each other escaping to a quiet, intimate place where they can spend an unforgettable weekend in complete discretion and privacy, dedicated to each other, recharging for the next work period? All the worries of this world can remain behind them and they can seize to exist for those two or three days – and so shall all business meetings, children’s homework, and other obligations, as well as a whole world of reality that occupies us and drains the last atoms of our energy, during each hour, each week, month, year.

The family and heritage hotel Pašike, situated in the centre of Trogir, is ideal for such occasions at any time of the year, whenever you feel weary of everything and everyone around you and when you want to surrender to that most important thing in life, from which we draw our strength and motivation to live and work – love.

We have prepared a special room for you with a mini bar, room delivery option, whenever it suits you, and if you are not in the mood to get dressed and go to the restaurant downstairs. While free WI-FI is available, one click can make you unreachable to everyone, just like being on a desolate island, in the best company and with the ultimate service. The ambience in the room can also be tailored to your demands in terms of music choice, TV receivers and scents of indigenous Dalmatian herbs for stress relief and indulgence in stolen moments of genuine happiness.

If you wish to experience something a bit special, we do have a “joker up our sleeve” – a romantic dinner made up of Dalmatian dishes and top-quality wines on an insulated terrace on the roof of the hotel, a space which is not overlooked, offering a scenic view of Trogir rooftops and the sea, touching the star-lit sky. That is not quite enough and you want to surprise your partner with just that little bit extra? Just let us know, because we believe there are no impossible solutions and our guests and their satisfaction always come first.

If you want to go sightseeing in Trogir, we can provide you with guided tours of the museum and other numerous Trogir sights. Or, you may simply stay in your hotel room for the weekend, and we will make sure that you have everything you need, in complete discretion, because – it’s always the right time for love!