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Story of food

It used to make more sense. Food, going out, hanging out, coffee, life in general that has to do with connectedness. Today, all those little charms of life have been replaced by social networks. We’ve never been more connected, and yet so far apart.

Today I would like to look back at the first thing, and that is food. Check out all those food pictures on any social media. They look wonderful, and I believe they taste the same. I have nothing against taking pictures of food and posting on social media, in fact it is normal and it is the present. What I resent is that each of these images has that untold story. As every Trogir škartocet has that story, every cod bianco, every breaded steak with mashed potatoes. Each dish has its own story. Each person for the same dish has a different story. Not everyone has the same love for the same food, it’s something like music. If we all listened to the same, there would never be so many masterpieces, nor works. Not every dish has to be perfect, but love, story and emotion, that’s what matters. Eating when it doesn’t have a story is like it’s missing something. Just as the sky is not the same without the sun. Tastes vary in that dish and it always has emotions, but the story gives it something else. The story gives food meaning. The story of an ordinary lunch that ended on the table out of love for his spouses, children, parents. The story of the first date. Dish that binds you to sadness, and a dish that binds you to happiness. The food and the story have to go hand in hand because they are not the same alone. Food came from need, and the kitchen and everything we know today came from love. And so it should continue to go as long as there is a new dish that can be made. A dish that arose from emotions and from the same ones is recounted the best dish you can eat.

After all, tastes are not discussed. Eat and enjoy and always be open and joyful for a new story and a new dish.