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The Advent in Trogir with “The Month of Cod” at The Hotel Pašike

December is the month of the Advent, the holidays, gift-giving and other winter joys, interesting both for children and adults – from St. Nicholas and St. Lucia to Christmas Eve – Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. This is a season when we truly only have two options: to stay at home or to travel and spend the holidays visiting new places and getting to know other peoples and cultures. Trogir, with its interesting historical heritage, is the right choice for the holidays. Whether you’re accompanied by your partner, dear family members or business associates, you simply can’t go wrong if you choose to visit Trogir.

Hotel Pašike is delightful during the Advent. Beautifully decorated with stylish furnishings and holiday decor, exuding a warm and homely atmosphere, while the restaurant kitchen draws you in with scents and smells invoking childhood memories, sense of comfort and nostalgia. Traditionally, during December, we organize a gastro Advent event “The Month of Cod”, during which our experienced chefs prepare cod “in a hundred different ways” using our grandmothers’ old recipes, as well as combine it with various other ingredients, creating innovative dishes of modern gastronomy. This is the season when you can enjoy our cod soup, cod brodetto, cod ”in bianco”, cod with gnocchi, cod princesses, cod pâté, cod risotto, cod with green tagliatelle, cod and baked beans, baked cod and potatoes, cod and chick peas, etc. In addition, of course, you can taste some of our autochthonous white or red wines, and for desert, enjoy the traditional Trogir ”rafioli” or chard cake, made according to our own, family recipe. For Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we also have special surprises in store for you.

During the Advent, Trogir exudes the holiday spirit at every corner. The town is decorated with festive ornaments and offers a rich program with a variety of events and programs to its townspeople and visitors. The main town square is dotted with gastro houses and the accompanying entertainment program, starting from the morning hours suited for children and young people. The evening hours are reserved for adults, who can enjoy various musical contents and concerts featuring renowned names of the Croatian urban music scene. DJs also play music, and lotteries and humanitarian actions are organized. During the Advent, the main town square is alive and vibrant from the early mornings to late evenings, and the highlight of these December festivities is the celebration of the New Year’s Eve, out in the open.

Trogir City Museum also customizes its “exhibition” for the holidays, so in December it traditionally organizes a unique event – “The Christmas Handicrafts Fair”, offering ideal Christmas presents, including hand-painted jewellery, key chains, refrigerator magnets, soaps, creams, bath products, picture frames, lamps, caps, scarves, Christmas tree ornaments and home decorations, nativity scene figurines, dream catchers, etc.

Experience a touch of the Trogir Advent and catch a dream of your own!