Heritage Hotel Pašike
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What exactly is tourism? Is it as the definition says Or is it something bigger? What does tourism give us and what does it take away? Why do we travel, why do we enjoy it?

The answer to all questions lies in these same journeys. The answer to all questions is that experience. Someone who isn’t traveling can’t know what it is when you see something the whole world is talking about, and you can proudly say I saw it, I was there. The problem arises when we take things for granted. Our beautiful Trogir is a pure example of this problem. All these beautiful works of art, the whole unexplored world from side of Trogir people . It is stupid to say that some tourists know more about Trogir than we do. That to me is the biggest problem. All these hotels, wonderful restaurants, wonderful culture and a long history. That is why we, the Pašikari, are trying to pass on at least a small part of that history to you. Each of our dishes, each of our festivities, each of our rooms,…

The most important characteristic of a man is his attitude towards his culture. That relationship goes beyond any cost. Because tradition is priceless.